Buy Sell Stop Signals Description

The idea of A buy stop or a sell stop is a way to enter into the market with some quick analysis and some understanding of Structure.

These signals will give you a base to work with as you learn more and more how to manage these points of structure using support and resistance and other Price action tools.

Testing of this product will take about two months of data and meetings to advance you to the next level of trading for this type of process.

We are only using two major pairs for this Eur/Usd and The Gbp/Usd but once you learn how to go through the process and train  you will eventually be able to use it on any pair.


How are signals released?

The signals are delivered via Post on the site.

When are they released?

Between 8am and 9:30 am there is a post that will appear on the site.

Can I have a notification on when the signal comes out?

This post will also alert twitter that there is a new post and have a link to it..Learn how to set up a twitter notification for this and join the group .

How long does it take to learn this type of trade?

To follow the signal is very easy. Though if you want to learn more advanced tactics on this trade and how to trade on other pairs that will require additional training and time.